Labyrinth competition 2023

In 22nd of szeptember three Faculties of Óbuda organized the labyrinth compatition 2023 with Robert Bosch Ltd.

John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics, Bánki Donát Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering and Kandó Kálmán Faculty of Electrical Engineering organized the labyrinth compatition 2023 with Robert Bosch Ltd.
Dr. Nagy István (BGK), Bakosné Dr. Diószegi Mónika (BGK), Borsos Döníz (KVK) és Sándor Tamás (KVK) from the Obuda University and from the Robert Bosch Ltd. Dr. Csilling Ákos és Herczegné Dr. Kern Boglárka participated at the jury.

The students started their preparation in 2022/2023 spring semester. They chosed Industry Project subject, in that they had robot planning tasks. From their drafts to the robot machine Robert Bosch Ltd. provided the parts and et the end of the semester the jury rated all the robots.

After the order draw, the teams introduced themselves and their robots, and then demonstrated the functionality (movements like turning, straight and RFID detection) of the robots on the field. In the first round three teams (Reboot, Ratrack, Jerry) fulfilled the completed field.

The compatition was online available on this link:
After a lunch break in the second round fourth team joined to the race and had a close fight.
Multiple category: RaTrack team: Kiss Csaba (KVK), Noll Ádám (KVK) Reboot team: Széles Péter (KVK), Szabó Gábor, Kálmán Attila (BGK) (KVK), Kálmán Jerry team: Csóka Ákos (NIK), Szczuka Bendegúz András (NIK), Holczmann Dominik (NIK) Attila (BGK)

Special prize: Clever Car Co. team: Abdikazakh Aibek (KVK)
Mechanivcal engineering prize: R team, Fonyódi Máté (BGK), Huszti Zoltán (BGK)
Innovation green: Æthra team, Zavaczki Tamás (BGK), Tóth Albert Martin (BGK)

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