Strong University representation at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Elections were held in several committees of the VI. Technical Sciences Division of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Obuda University has once again secured a strong representation for the term from 2023 to 2026.

Among the members of the Information Science Committee, we can find Prof. Dr. Imre Rudas, the founding rector of Obuda University, Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács, the university’s rector, Prof. Dr. Dezső Sima, the founding director of the John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics, and Dr. habil. Róbert Lovas, the deputy director of the Cyber-Physical Systems Institute.

Similarly, within the Technical Sciences Division, Prof. Dr. Tamás Haidegger, the Director Generalof the University Research and Innovation Center, and Prof. Dr. Péter Galambos, the Director of the Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics (IROB), have been appointed to the Automation and Computer Science Scientific Committee for the same period.

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