The number of OU members in Stanford’s top 2% of most cited researchers increased again this year

Every year, more and more researchers from Obuda University are included in the citation rankings of Stanford University in California. While in 2020 two of them were included, this year there are already eight. Among the world’s most cited researchers in 2022 are Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács, Rector of the OU, Prof. Dr. János Fodor, Rector of the OU who passed away in 2016, Dr. Annamária Várkonyiné Prof. Dr. Kóczy, Chairman of the University Doctoral and Habilitation Council, Dr. Dr. Amir Mosavi, who are also lecturers at the John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics, Dr. József Katona and Dr. Attila Kővári, lecturers at the Kandó Kálmán Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Prof. Dr. Tamás Haidegger, Director General of the University Research and Innovation Center, and Prof. Dr. Judit Telegdi, Professor Emerita of the OU.

Stanford University publishes a database of the results of more than 100,000 researchers – approximately two percent of the world’s scientists – providing standardized information on citations, h-index, co-author-adjusted hm-index, citations for papers in different author positions. Separate data are shown for career-long and one-year impact. Scientists are classified into 22 disciplines and 176 subfields.

The list is published in two versions, with the most cited researchers in 2022 alongside a ranking of the most cited researchers over the entire scientific career of the scientists, assessing the cumulative impact up to the end of 2022. It takes into account all their publications and the citations they have accumulated over time. Six scientists associated with Obuda University have been ranked: Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács, Rector of OU, Prof. Dr. Imre Rudas, Founding Rector of OU, Prof. Dr. János Fodor, Dr. Amir Mosavi, Dr. Annamária Várkonyiné Prof. Dr. Kóczy, and Prof. Dr. Tamás Haidegger.

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