Obuda University meet future candidate students in Astana

After almost 3.800 km (14 hours) flights we  were very happy to arrive to the International Student Fair in Astana, Kazakhstan. The Venue was hosted by the fabulous hotel Rixos President Hotel in the Capital and attracted more then 300+ students from the 35 private and International high schools.

Amazing the flow of well-educated and smart students, who visited our stand and discuss about Obuda University’ portfolio of 23 English taught courses.Their reaction was flattering after hearing Vengrija (Hungary) /Budapest and even the language barriers were quickly eliminated with the help of volunteered local students. 

The most popular courses among them: BSc level, Computer Sciences Engineering, Business Administration and Management, Industrial Design Engineering.Our Russian and English language by courses material were extremely powerful and standing out from other Universities. To strengthen our Obuda University’s awareness we have introduced a raffle among the potential future applicants, which was very popular.

Using all the up to date marketing tools and  direct link for our fresh website  we are confident for the future Recruitment ‘success from this great pool of talents.

Thanks for the multinational & multifunctional team made it happen. More news to come. We are heading to Almaty’s tomorrow fair.

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