Orientation week – 4-8. September 2023

It has a long history at Obuda University to greet its new international students who will start their first year or those who will start their first exchange semester at the university. For the first time since 2019, the university held all of its programmes face-to-face.

The International Education Office prepared numerous events and activities for the students to know a bit more about the university, their Hungarian mentors and each other.

On Tuesday they attended an introductory presentation where the colleagues of the International Office and the representatives of the mentor system greeted the 126 students who could join the event. They had a short break with some pastries and sweets served by the students themselves, then they received some general instructions about the university, living in Budapest and governmental administration. To break the ice, in the afternoon with the lead of the mentors the speed-friending was next on the list, held at one of the aulas of Kandó Kálmán Dormitory. On Wednesday they had two events. In the morning the students received further information specified for their study programme and could ask questions from the coordinators, in the afternoon they had an excursion in the nearby Buda Hills. Thursday was the day of the faculties, enrollments and campus tours organized by each faculty and its international coordinator.

To ease their mood after hearing so many new things and as a closing of the week, all the students could get into the heart of Budapest, exploring the city with the mentors, completing challenges and interesting tasks.

With pleasant memories and useful knowledge our students could start this semester successfully. We hope they will think back to these few days positively in the future.

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