Exciting programmes for all ages at the Researchers’ Night

Obuda University will open its doors and give a glimpse into its scientific life on the Researchers’ Night on 29 September – With more than 200 programmes, exciting experiments, inspiring lectures, interesting laboratory visits, entertaining demonstrations and playful programmes, we are waiting for everyone from the youngest to the oldest – said Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács, Rector of Obuda University, in his presentation at the press conference of the national event, which was again hosted by the university.

The programme of the Obuda University Researchers’ Night is available on the event website.

Researchers’ Night press conference

Since the beginning of the model change, we have been investing significant resources in the development of education and research infrastructure, said Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács. He added: “Our priority is to create a strong innovation ecosystem, including increased talent management scholarships, strengthened professional colleges, and a strong start-up culture at the university. The Obuda Uni Venture Capital fund was recently established with 10 billion forints to promote this. Our aim is to grow from a classical university world to a Western-style university with a focus on education and research.

The Researchers’ Night will feature more than 200 programmes, exciting experiments, inspiring lectures, interesting laboratory visits, entertaining demonstrations and playful activities for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest,” said the Rector of the University.

The first priority is to raise young people’s interest in careers as researchers and innovators, so that many new ideas and knowledge can be generated,” said Dr Balázs Hankó, Secretary of State for Higher Education, Innovation and Vocational Training. He said: “We will only be competitive if we are at the forefront of discovery and research. To encourage this, the government spent HUF 920 billion on research and innovation last year. The aim is for Hungary to be among Europe’s top 10 and the world’s top 25 innovators by 2030.

The most important aim of the Researchers’ Night event is to make the diverse work of researchers and developers attractive to young people – boys and girls alike, said Béla Kardon, scientific director and coordinator of the Researchers’ Night, who said that this year, 2,600 programmes are being organised at 1,900 venues. The event has now been joined by industry, universities, research institutes, museums and schools.

Prof. Dr. Balázs Gulyás, President of the Hungarian Research Network, expressed his pleasure that Obuda University will host the press conference of the Researchers’ Night again this year. He went on to describe the workings of the research network. Among other things, he said that the network currently cooperates with 116 universities in the field of research and development. The support of the state, the academic side of universities, the cooperation of researchers, industry and society are essential in shaping the future.

Gabriella Tornóczky, Communications Director of Egis Pharmaceuticals Ltd., explained that the company is in great need of researchers, developers and innovators. Research and innovation can be found in all elements of the company’s activities, so they consider it important to target all age groups, including children, with their programmes, to arouse their interest in research careers. The Researchers’ Night is also an excellent event to bring science closer to young people.

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