The Uzbek-Hungarian scientific research project continues

The collaboration between Uzbekistan and Hungary in the realm of scientific research remains robust and dynamic as evidenced by the ongoing Uzbek-Hungarian scientific research project.

Recently, in March 2024, a significant meeting convened under the auspices of the project titled “Evidence-based digital healthcare solutions supporting local patient safety procedures,” bringing together scholars and professionals from Óbuda University, Tashkent State Technical University, and Tashkent Medical Academy.

During this gathering, participants engaged in fruitful discussions regarding the forthcoming phases of the project. Of particular focus was the meticulous planning and execution of hand hygiene analyses, alongside the exploration of innovative digitalization solutions. These deliberations underscored the collective commitment of the involved institutions to harness cutting-edge technology and evidence-based approaches in addressing pressing healthcare challenges.

The research group of Obuda University was represented by Dr. Péter Gábor Szerémy.

You can find Tashkent University here.

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