OU takes a step forward in its relationship with Ningbo University

Negotiations were held at Obuda University with a delegation from Ningbo University, China, regarding the launch of international student and faculty mobility programs, joint training, and research and development initiatives. Following the online cooperation agreement signed last October, the delegation visited Obuda University.

The aim of the agreement is to advance master’s and doctoral programs, research activities, exchange programs, and joint scientific publications – emphasized by Rector Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács. Ningbo University had already signed a memorandum of understanding with Obuda University last October, and this time the negotiations focused on expanding the scope of cooperation. Topics included faculty and student mobility programs, potential joint research and academic programs, as well as innovation and entrepreneurial programs.

The delegation visited the research centres and laboratories on the Obuda campus. Bao Jilong, Vice President of Ningbo University, introduced the institution and its delegation members. He stated that bilateral cooperation could begin with research and development and student-faculty mobility programs. The two universities primarily find points of connection in the fields of electrical engineering and computer science.

Founded in 1983, Ningbo University of Technology is at the forefront of numerous engineering and technological sciences, including intelligent control, robotics, electrical engineering, computer science, civil engineering, automotive technology, green energy, material science, and business administration management. Recognizing the importance of educational, cultural, and scientific exchange programs between the two universities and research centres, the parties aim to promote and strengthen cooperation in master’s and doctoral programs, research activities, exchange programs, and joint scientific publications.

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