The number of applicants for this year surpasses the outstanding figures of last year

According to Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács, the rector of Óbuda University, one of the four domestic higher education institutions that managed to increase the number of applicants for the 2024/25 academic year, emphasized this while analyzing the data released by the Educational Office on March 13. As he said, there has been a significant increase in the number of applicants interested in technical fields, and significant progress has been achieved, with record numbers showing interest in several master’s programs, such as data science, cyber security engineering, hospital and medical engineering, as well as sports economics. The rector believes that the success was brought about by continuous cooperation with stakeholders in the economic sector and a training portfolio that flexibly aligns with market expectations.

A total of 20,181 applications were submitted to Óbuda University (ÓE), which is 15.93% higher than the data released at the first announcement of the 2023 procedure (17,408) – informed Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács, highlighting that the number of applicants to ÓE in the first place is 4744, which is 8.7% higher than the initial data for last year (4363). The rector stated that both 2024 indicators are the highest ever in the history of Óbuda University, far exceeding pre-2019 figures. As he expressed: the significantly changing admission system encourages universities to strive for the most efficient training portfolio. The trends indicated a need to strengthen master’s programs alongside undergraduate programs, hence almost every department introduced new MSc programs. The current application numbers support this idea – pointed out Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács. For the newly launched data science master’s program, 105 applications were received, while more than a hundred applied for the cyber security engineering master’s program; the cyber security engineering undergraduate program is also very popular, with a total of 162 applicants for both full-time and part-time studies. The newly launched sports economics, as well as hospital and medical engineering MSc programs, are also popular – added the rector. Óbuda University has always been committed to providing high-quality education in regional locations, besides the Alba Regia Technical Faculty in Székesfehérvár, many applicants also applied for the announced programs in Salgótarján and Cegléd – the rector emphasized.

According to Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács, one of their most important achievements is the increased interest in their technical programs. This is primarily due to their continuous and dynamic relationship with market players, which has allowed them to develop a flexible training structure that can adapt well to rapidly changing circumstances. As an example, he mentioned the global trend of decreasing interest in IT education, but there are numerous new areas that can strengthen technical higher education.

It is important to note that the e-admission platform will reopen for applicants on March 25, and applicants can supplement their documents until July 10, 2024, and can also modify the order of the selected higher education programs until then. The point allocation will take place on July 24 within the “Pont ott Parti” framework.

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