Why Óbuda University? – Full House at the Career Fair

The Parental Career Forum of Óbuda University, held for the second time this year on November 13, once again garnered significant interest. The university leadership considers it crucial that prospective students and their parents receive objective and comprehensive information about the university’s programs, the value of the degrees obtainable here, changes in the admissions process, scoring calculations, and requirements before the admission period.

During the forum, attendees had the opportunity to receive answers from university staff to any questions they had. This allowed participating parents to provide their children with the best advice for one of the most crucial decisions in their lives.

Tamás Beleznay, the Deputy Rector responsible for enrollment, welcomed the significant number of attendees, including parents and students.

Dr. habil. Ervin Rácz, the Vice-Rector for Education, presented Óbuda University. He explained that the institution’s educational strategy has been renewed. He discussed the so-called F-curriculum, which strongly supports students in adapting to university requirements, providing a flexible transition between high school and higher education expectations. He emphasized practical-oriented education, and significant talent development, and introduced elective fields of study. Additionally, he outlined the advantages of dual and cooperative education, numerous scholarship opportunities, and the criteria for earning 100 extra points under certain conditions.

Miklós Mezei, the CEO of Óbuda University Nonprofit Ltd., outlined the range of services that assist students in their studies and everyday life.

Ágnes Székely, the Deputy Head of the International Education Office, provided information about the opportunities offered by international mobility programs. She added that international experience enhances the value of the degree, and significantly increases students’ chances in the job market through participation in foreign study trips. She emphasized the value of the Óbuda University diploma, noting that students gain practical knowledge during their studies, enabling them to quickly find employment in their chosen field. “Thanks to our high-quality education, economic players are happy to employ young people studying with us, even during their university years. The university has connections with numerous prominent companies on the international stage. Based on the recommendations of experts, the educational portfolio can be flexibly adjusted within certain frameworks, allowing young people to enter life with up-to-date knowledge,” added the deputy rector.

Dávid Baráz, the President of the University Student Council at Keleti Károly Faculty of Business and Management, spoke about the vibrant university life and the support available to students.

Prof. Dr. Péter Galambos, the Deputy Director-General of the University Research and Innovation Center, presented the research opportunities available during university studies. He emphasized that students can engage in research and development activities at the university from the very beginning of their studies. The university welcomes students in an international research environment.

Dr. Péter Kárász, the Director of Education, provided comprehensive information on various topics.

Those preparing for admission can find all the essential information, including presentations, on our website:

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