Gain practical experience in an international corporate environment!

Are you interested in tackling real challenges faced by actual companies? Would you like to work in an international team of students using English? And would you appreciate receiving non-refundable financial support for this? You can achieve all of this with the INDUSAC project.

To participate in the INDUSAC project, follow these steps:

  1. Register on the online platform: Access the online platform designed for creating industry-university collaborations.
  2. Choose a corporate challenge: Browse through corporate challenges and select one that interests you and that you would like to solve.
  3. Form an international team: Create a team of at least 3 members, including students or researchers from at least two different EU countries, and with members of at least two different genders (male/female/decline to state).
  4. Compose a joint motivational letter: Draft a collective motivational letter explaining why your solution would be the best for the chosen challenge.
  5. Tackle the challenge: If the company chooses your solution, start working on solving the challenge. The team will receive €3,000 in recognition of their performance.
  6. Post-project transfer: After successfully completing the project, the award will be transferred to the team leader.

If you are interested, join the online informational session on November 21, 2023 (Tuesday) from 12:00 to 13:00, where all questions will be answered.

Further information about the INDUSAC EU project is available on the project’s website.

For additional inquiries, please contact us at the following address: Szabina Pazaurek

*: A mixed international team consists of a minimum of 3 members from students or researchers from 3 different EU countries, and it must include members of at least two different genders (male/female/decline to state). The support of €3,000 will be distributed within the team based on the number of members. Only students are eligible for support; researchers are not. **: A student can apply for a maximum of 3 challenges, regardless of the outcome.

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