IEEE HS Student Paper Contest

IEEE Hungary Section (IEEE HS) annually announces a competition for students in higher education titled “Student Paper Contest.” Only those professional papers and theses can participate in the competition, which were published during the period specified in this call, belong to the professional spectrum of IEEE, written either in Hungarian or in English and were authored by a BSc/MSc/PhD student with active student status in a Hungarian higher education institution.

In case of multiple authorship, up to a maximum of three students may apply with the same work. IEEE membership is not required for the application. Works that were already published or even awarded elsewhere are not excluded from the competition. A multi-authored work with a co-author who does not have an active student status (e.g. supervisor) can only be submitted if the name of the applying student(s) appears in the author list prior to the name of the non-applying co-author(s).

Eligible works:

  • scientific journal papers
  • scientific conference papers
  • TDK theses
  • documented project works (provided they were not the parts of compulsory studies)

A diploma thesis/work cannot be submitted, as it is a compulsory part of the university studies. If a diploma thesis/work was written on the basis of a TDK work, this does not exclude the possibility of submitting the TDK thesis, however in this case solely the TDK work can be submitted, omitting all the subsequent results that were contributed as part of the diploma work.

A judging committee invited by the Chair of IEEE HS will rank the applications. Based on this ranking the Chair of IEEE HS determines the final prizes. Shared awards can also be issued. If a large number of applications are received, the judging committee may categorize the entries retrospectively.

The form of recognition is a certificate in English, signed by the Chair of IEEE HS and the Awards & Recognition Chair. The awards will be presented at one of the major events of IEEE HS. There are no limits to the number of awards that can be issued annually.

Remuneration: Place 1: HUF 45 000; Place 2: HUF 30 000; Place 3: HUF 20 000

Works published between December 1, 2022 and November 30, 2023 can participate in the competition. Works accepted for publication can only be submitted after the date of publication.

In the case of conference paper, the first day of the conference is the publication date. Unchanged re-publication in a journal or a monograph does not modify or update the publication date. In the case of TDK thesis, the publication date is the day of the institutional TDK Conference. A later OTDK participation does not modify or update the publication date, since the OTDK thesis cannot contain new results compared to the institutional TDK work.

Applications must be submitted in PDF format to the email address

There are no page count and appearance requirements for the submitted work, it must be attached in its original form without any modification.

The application must be accompanied by an institutional certificate not older than 8 days, which certifies that the applicant was an ACTIVE student during the semester in which the work was published. The certificate must also include the level of education (BSc/MSc/PhD) in which the student participated when the work was published. The certificate must be attached as a separate PDF file. Only sealed and signed certificates or certificates with an institutional electronic signature can be accepted. In the case of project work, the applicant must declare that it was not part of the compulsory studies. The declaration must be attached as a separate PDF file.

Submission deadline: December 5, 2023 12:00 (noon) CET

Expected assessment and notification: January 5, 2024

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