The “International Staff Week” has started at Obuda University

Representatives from numerous international partner institutions have arrived for this year’s Staff Week. In his welcome speech, Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács, the rector, emphasized the importance of building, maintaining, and strengthening international relations. He also reported on developments affecting Obuda University’s mobility grants. Ágnes Székely, Deputy Director of the International Education Office, gave a presentation introducing Obuda University and its current activities. Throughout the week-long program, international partners will present the work of their respective universities and participate in various lectures and workshops.

Organized by the International Education Office, this year’s Staff Week has begun. Erzsébet Veres introduced the gathered partners and then invited Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács, who welcomed the participants and expressed how important he considers strengthening cooperation with the university’s partner institutions. To dispel uncertainties regarding the Erasmus program, he explained that partner universities would still be able to apply to Obuda University through the Erasmus program as before. However, instead of EU funding, Obuda University will be able to request financing from the state. He reminded everyone that this change stems from a decision by the European Commission one and a half years ago, which excluded Hungarian universities that had undergone a model change from Erasmus+, Horizon Europe Program, and other EU-funded programs. He added that, at his initiative, Josep Garell, president of the European University Association (EUA), attended the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference, where it was demonstrated that Obuda University’s autonomy had not been compromised under the new model. The EU funds are used to enhance student knowledge, develop research, and strengthen connections, as originally intended. He also mentioned that both international and domestic students could still apply for other mobility programs, such as the Hurizon and the Pannonia Scholarship Program.

In her presentation on Obuda University’s activities, Ágnes Székely, Deputy Director of the International Education Office, detailed the study and research opportunities for incoming exchange students and introduced the university’s faculties.

The goal of Staff Week is for professionals working in certain areas of higher education to get to know each other, share experiences, learn about new trends, and not least, to become familiar with the host university.

The week-long program runs from May 27 to May 31. Attendees include Mara Popescu from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Romania, Ayse Banu Akdogan from Mersin University in Turkey, Sergey Dimitrov from the Technical University of Varna in Bulgaria, Irene Wanjiku Gitangu from Strathmore University in Kenya, Beatrice Christopher Tarimo from Ardhi University in Tanzania, and Marinella Frongia from the University of Cagliari. Besides presenting their own institutions, participants can attend interesting lectures and explore Budapest’s sights, such as the Buda Castle and its surroundings, the Parliament, St. Stephen’s Basilica, and the State Opera House. Midweek, they will head to the Székesfehérvár campus, where, after a faculty introduction, they will visit Bory Castle.

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