More internationally famous researchers associated with our university

Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács emphasized that there was a lot of interest in our Excellence Program, which was announced for the second time this year, and OU have received a huge number of applications.

As the Rector said, it can be considered a significant success that – within the framework of the Distinguished Professor of Obuda University application – two internationally recognized professors who belong to one percent of the world’s most cited scientists have joined the Obuda University team.

The two new Distinguished Professors of Obuda University are Prof. Dr. Peng Shi, professor of applied mathematics, professor at the University of Adelaide in Australia, whose research field is the optimization of autonomous control systems, and Prof. Dr. Habib Zaidi, medical physicist at Geneva University in Switzerland, whose field of expertise is medical imaging.

Professor Shin has more than 60 PhD students and 50 postdoctoral scholarship mentors, his citations are outstanding: his H-index is 157, and he has more than 86,000 citations. He is a member of several international academies and also the recipient of a lifetime achievement award in the field of engineering

Professor Dr. Habib Zaidi has an H-index of 73 and more than 19,000 citations. He is an honorary professor at several universities around the world. He is a member and scholarship recipient of several international organizations dealing with artificial intelligence, biological and medical-physical engineering.

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