Our University Further Strengthened Its Position on the International Higher Education Map

Obuda University was represented at the recent NAFSA (Association of International Educators) Annual Conference in New Orleans. As one of the world’s largest international education events, it offered an excellent opportunity to explore new technologies and methods.

Györgyi De Nemesker, Advisor at the International Education Office, represented our university and highlighted that participation provided a unique opportunity for our institution to connect with several prominent universities and focus on establishing new partnerships.

Representing Obuda University, they placed particular emphasis on the Stipendium Hungaricum program and the recruitment of self-financed students, as well as promoting student and faculty mobility. The SH program continues to generate significant interest, and they also introduced the new Pannónia Program. During the event, they participated in numerous personal meetings (Monash University, University of Otago, Universidad Tecnológica del Perú, Sciences Po Toulouse, Universidad Nacional de La Matanza, Saveetha University, Universitas Indonesia) to promote OU’s academic programs, with a special focus on the following target regions: North and South America, India, and Indonesia.

The conference offered a great opportunity to discover new technologies and methods, particularly through the practical application of AI, which can effectively assist in improving recruitment processes and reducing administrative burdens. Integrating international relations and modern technologies is crucial to the continued success of Obuda University.

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