Our university announced: a new call for proposals is launched for supporting international research at universities.

The Hungarian Government launches the HU-rizon Program with a budget frame of 8 billion HUF – announced Dr. Balázs Hankó, State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Innovation. At the press conference held at the University Research and Innovation Center, it was stated that a project could receive funding of 100-140 million HUF.

Our new international excellence research grant signifies that if they try to shut us in, we will open up to the world, which is why we launched our already available international exchange program, the Pannonia Program, and are launching the HU-rizon program, which fosters international collaboration of Hungarian researchers and research. In response to the European Commission’s unfair, discriminatory decision, contrary to the competitiveness of Hungary and Europe, we believe in the importance of international research collaborations, hence we initiate the HU-rizon program, which funds research according to the interests of Hungarian society and economy, covering also the research costs of the top foreign universities – emphasized Balázs Hankó regarding the announcement of the grant.

As the rector of Obuda University, I am proud that we have achieved significant results in the field of research development and doctoral training in the last five years. We have done a lot for this: we have doubled the scholarship of our doctoral students and provide additional support. The number of international doctoral students is growing dynamically, and we are launching joint doctoral programs with universities from the USA, England, China, Japan, and Vietnam. We are working on making sports careers also earn points in doctoral training – stressed Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács.

The timing and location of the announcement of the program supporting the international network of Hungarian researchers were no coincidence. Obuda University hosts the largest event for domestic doctoral students from May 3, the Spring Wind Conference, the program of which was outlined by Dániel Molnár, President of the National Association of Doctoral Candidates.

About the Hu-rizon Program

The new call for proposals by the National Office for Research, Development, and Innovation supports with a budget of 8 billion HUF the launch of international research projects led by excellent Hungarian workshops, in collaboration with the world’s top universities and research institutes, focusing on solving important social and economic challenges for Hungary and through it, the world. The HU-rizon Program is associated with the requirement of achieving practically usable results and aids in the development of innovative solutions, strengthening the market orientation and international presence of Hungarian universities.

The grant from the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund covers the entire budget of the research and development projects, including the costs of the Hungarian institutions and the associated foreign participants. Applications can be submitted until July 5, 2024.

The call for proposals is available on the website below:

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