Strengthening Research and Development Relationships in the Far East Region

A Chinese-Hungarian High-Tech Development Center and manufacturing base could be established in the city of Wuxi in the Far East country, under the investment of the subsidiary of Magnus Aircraft Zrt. and in cooperation with Obuda University. The negotiations about the details of the agreement, which was signed a year and a half ago, were conducted by Prof. Dr. András Molnár, Vice-Rector General, László Boros, CEO of Magnus Aircraft Zrt., and the leader of the Chinese delegation, Yuan Fei, representing the city.

As part of the development, an 18,000 square meter building complex—including a showroom, a composite unit, an aircraft assembly unit, a maintenance unit, and a development center in cooperation with Obuda University—will be realized in the Asian country.

Prof. Dr. András Molnár reminded that the university is a strategic partner of Magnus, adding that Óbuda University and Magnus Zrt. laid the foundations for innovative cooperation two and a half years ago, targeting the development of electric aircraft suitable for tour flights and the realization of joint research and development projects. The joint work fits well into the university’s development plans for the aerospace industry, especially in the areas of innovation and research and development.

László Boros, CEO of Magnus Zrt., explained that the cooperation runs on multiple fronts. In the fall of 2022, Obuda University, with the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, signed a contract about a major investment with the leaders of Wuxi City, Huishan District. According to the agreement, a showroom, three production units, and a Chinese-Hungarian High-Tech Development Center will be established with an investment of approximately 90 million forints. “This opportunity is unmatched, thousands of Hungarian aircraft will be produced,” added László Boros.

Yuan Fei, the leader of the Chinese delegation and Chairman of the Permanent Committee of the Wuxi City People’s Assembly, plays a mediating role in establishing direct contact and cooperation between the higher education institutions in Wuxi province and Obuda University.

Prof. Dr. Imre Felde, Vice-Rector for Industrial and Business Relations, introduced the Chinese delegation members to Obuda University’s institutional system, strategic objectives, operations, training programs, and innovation plans.

Prof. Dr. György Molnár, Dean of the Kandó Kálmán Faculty of Electrical Engineering, also attended the event, outlining the advantages of potential Hungarian mobility programs with universities in the province.

During the meeting, the delegation also visited the University Research and Innovation Center.

About the High-Tech Development Center

According to the plans, the units to be completed will be capable of manufacturing more than 2,800 Hungarian-developed Fusion aircraft and more than 400 four-seater aircraft over nine years. According to Magnus’s vision, the agreement will result in a corporate environment where the company’s subsidiary becomes a leading aircraft manufacturer in the Chinese market.

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