Application: 4 years of doctoral studies (PhD)

Óbuda University 4 years of doctoral studies (PhD) and individual preparation for the doctoral degree.

From September 2024, the Óbuda Universtiy will launch a PhD programme in the

– Doctoral School of Applied Informatics and Applied Mathematics

in the form of part-time courses with a tuition fee and individual preparation. The doctoral programme is divided into two phases: the first four semesters are the “training and research” phase, the second one is the “research and dissertation” phase. At the end of the fourth semester, at the end of the training and research phase, as a precondition for entering the research and dissertation phase, a complex examination is required to measure and evaluate the progress made in study and research. The doctoral candidate must submit his/her doctoral thesis within three years after the complex examination. In the case of individual candidates, the student status is established upon completion of complex examination.

Application deadline: 24th May 2024 (Friday) 12.00 (local time in Budapest)

For more information click here.

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